Why Are Cleveland Cavaliers Struggling So Badly?

By kennethbrown
Ken Blaze- USA TODAY Sports

With Mike Brown, Andrew Bynum and Anthony Bennett coming to the Cleveland Cavaliers this past summer, the team carried certain expectations — which so far, simply haven’t been met. Arguably, the Cavaliers are still an NBA basement team, and not one pushing for the playoffs, as they intended to be. One can wonder, why are they struggling so badly?

Firstly, some would say that Brown should be doing better as he knows the franchise from his last duration as manager, but how much does that former job link to his current one? He had LeBron James and several other experienced players at his disposal. Now he leads a team of rookies, and the roster has no superstar of Lebron’s caliber.

The system that Brown once had in place was pushed far into the past, as Byron Scott worked hard to implement a new regime, so of course it’s going to be tough for this young, inexperienced team to get to grips with the complex ways of a coach like Brown. Even though they’ve had their struggles, the Cavaliers have shown promising signs at times, but it’s hard to give them much credit for that when everyone was expecting them to be the surprise package of the 2013-14 season.

Although the fingers are being pointed at Brown and struggling rookie Bennett, you could also argue that Cavaliers fans were expecting the Bynum of old and not the one riddled with injuries and personal problems. The Cavaliers look set for another year of transition, but after this year, the franchise desperately needs to find its identity.

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