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5 Things That Will Improve Oklahoma City Thunder’s Chances of Winning NBA Championship

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Improving The Oklahoma City Thunder

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The Oklahoma City Thunder remained rather quiet in an offseason full of big roster moves. The entire landscape of the NBA has changed since the busy summer. Some teams have benefited early from their moves while others are struggling to make things work.

The Thunder's organization has always been one to stick with their roster, hoping to build off of experience and small changes. This philosophy has proven to work in prior years and it could easily continue to work for the team. While I do believe some changes need to be made for this team to take the next step, most of those changes will be made within the Thunder's current roster.

Sitting at 6-3, winning against the Milwaukee Bucks last night after a two-game losing-streak earlier in the week, the Thunder are showing they can still be a dominant team. Dominance is good but it doesn't get you an NBA championship. It'll take a few small moves and some improvement from certain players in order for this OKC team to bring home the title.

Everyone is preparing for another wild offseason as many big-name stars are set to test the free-agency market. I doubt the Thunder will pursue anyone special but they should be looking to make some sort of deal, especially if teams in the West are making notable changes. For now we can only speculate so I'll do this just that here in this post, where I'll list five changes the Thunder need to make to improve their chances of winning a championship.

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5. Getting Rid of Kendrick Perkins

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It's no secret that almost everyone is calling for Kendrick Perkins to be discharged from the Thunder roster. While the Thunder may not have a solid replacement for him at the moment, they could easily sign someone to fill the small void that'll be left in Perkins' absence.

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4. Consistency From Jeremy Lamb

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While Jeremy Lamb has shown he can play in this league, he hasn't shown it consistently enough. He's been up and down; the Thunder need him to be there every night, even if he's only putting up 10-15 points. It'll make it much easier on Thunder's big-three if they had someone to cover their backs.

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3. More Minutes For Steven Adams

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Steven Adams has been another player who we haven't seen enough consistent production out of. A lack of solid minutes on a nightly basis isn't going to be any help to a rookie who's trying to prove his worth on any roster. There's no better tutor than experience; he needs the time on the floor in order to improve in this league. I do expect to see a rise in his minutes as the season goes on.

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2. Better Play From Russell Westbrook

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It's hard to ask more from a player who's still supposed to be out with an injury that was suffered in last year's playoffs. Either way, he's in there and you have to expect the best from him. Westbrook has been better as of late; we just hope his hot streak will continue here early on in the 2013-14 NBA season. Westbrook is a tough player, his return to being a dominant player shouldn't be too far away.

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1. Trading For Omir Asik

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Omer Asik has recently requested to be traded from the Houston Rockets. He's looking for a team where he won't be a bench player, or at least see more minutes on the floor. The Thunder could swap him for Perkins and stick with Asik as the starter while backup Steven Adams continues his development. Asik is a good player who shares some similarities with Adams. I don't know if Perkins can teach Adams much or if he's even willing to help the guy who's poised to take his job. Asik would be a perfect fit in Oklahoma. It's just a matter of time before he's traded away; there's no reason to think that the Thunder won't have a chance to land the big man.