Cleveland Cavaliers: Having to Roll With Good And Bad

By kennethbrown
Ken Blaze- USA TODAY Sports

If you’re a big fan of the NBA, it’s highly likely that you’ve noticed the Cleveland Cavaliers and their unexpected struggles so far in this early season. There’s been much speculation as to why they are struggling, but some light has been shown on the issues the franchise is currently having to deal with. It appears that team chemistry and a clash of attitudes may be the problem.

The Cavaliers were supposed to be a competitive team once again this season, but coach Mike Brown and his men have struggled across the entire court. Apparently, the Cavaliers held a players-only meeting after being dominated against the Minnesota Timberwolves, but the meeting wasn’t the passionate spark they required. It was more of a confrontational, argumentative environment, which will not transfer well on the basketball court.

The Cavaliers had lost five of their last six games, but they bounced back from their 88-80 defeat to the Charlotte Bobcats by beating the Washington Wizards in overtime. Kyrie Irving tied his career-high of 41 points in their 103-96 victory, which provided the Cavaliers with a much needed sigh of relief. The Cavaliers needed that victory, and more importantly, they needed the Kyrie of old.

As well as the locker room confrontation, Coach Brown and superstar point guard Kyrie exchanged heated words after Irving was benched against the Chicago Bulls. With this being a worry close to the forefront of Cavaliers fans’ minds, it’s definitely refreshing to see that he is still 100 percent dedicated to the cause, and perhaps these confrontations were merely a factor at how much they care.

The Cavaliers have now won a game which should help them to kick-start their season, but will it be enough? The entire franchise needs to work together and assure that an attitude adjustment is handed out where it’s needed, and that everybody knows their place within this team.

The Cavaliers have the potential, but yet again it seems like Cleveland have found another sporting problem to address before they can find success.

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