Is Jason Kidd to Blame for the Brooklyn Nets' troubles?

By Mark Wilson

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

A coach cannot make a pass for you, defend, shoot the ball or hustle for a loose ball. So to say that a coach should get fired because his team has not done any of the above mentioned on-court duties is not the guy in the suit’s fault.

I’m not saying that he holds no responsibility but what happens on the floor is up to the players. As a coach, all you can do is draw up a play and hope that your team follows it to a tee and get great results in the process. There is no reason why a coach should be fired because a player or two can’t make a shot or keeps dribbling the ball off his own leg for a turnover. You can’t blame the coach for everything that goes wrong with a team but there are times when the coach has to be held accountable for his team’s poor record and I believe this is where Jason Kidd sits.

Being not only a first-year head coach is tough but a first-time coach is extra pressure. Kidd didn’t take over the Charlotte Bobcats or the Philadelphia 76ers, he decided to jump right into the burning oil and grab a contender. Expectations were high for the Brooklyn Nets even before Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce joined the team. This was a team that was supposed to contend not only for the Eastern Conference Championship but the Finals as well.

The Nets didn’t feel like dealing with Phil Jackson or George Karl, both proven winners. Instead, they went with a fan favorite, local legend and swampland savior in Kidd. I guess they figured if he could do it once, then lighting could strike again. Now as Kidd sits on the sideline and watches this embarrassment of a team, the question asked is, “ should we blame Kidd for this start?”

There are no sound bites and quips where players are throwing Kidd under the bus or anything, but something is not right in that locker room. I know they have respect for him but do they respect him as a player or a coach? He was just playing against them last year and now they are taking orders from him; that must be weird.

The reason why I put some of the blame on the coach is because you see your team struggling and you pencil in the same starting five every game knowing they are not getting it done as a unit. At some point, he has to forget the names on the back of the jersey and focus on the name in front of the jersey. You were brought here to win, not make friends and play it safe. That much talked-about starting unit sucks when they are on the court together and I know he has to see this. Pull a starter and plug in a reserve and see what energy that gets you. If it works, then good; if it doesn’t, then try something else. The Nets are in a funk and the coach is just sitting there accepting the excuse of “ Chemistry Issues.” If he doesn’t figure out what the problem is, then rest assured that the front office will be making “Coaching Changes”.

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