Time For A Players-Only Meeting for The Brooklyn Nets

By Mark Wilson

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for a knock down, drag out, players-only meeting for the struggling Brooklyn Nets. The season has not begun the way they had planned and it could get real ugly if the problems are not addressed.

This is a team full of veterans and there should be plenty of voices that want to speak but only one should be a little louder than the rest. Deron Williams is still the leader of this team no matter how many future Hall of Fame players are on this roster. He needs to get in the middle of the room and point the first finger at himself for not being the All-Star caliber player he can be on a given night.

Kevin Garnett needs to take a step back and figure out if he needs to retire or get his act together. Deron is the leader, but Garnett is the soul of this team and his body language shows that he is not enjoying his or the teams play. I know age is a factor but with Garnett, it seems to be something mental that is holding him back. Paul Pierce is having his typical season but he is not the focal point as he once was while playing with the Boston Celtics. I believe that he needs more looks at the basket cause he still has the moves to get to the rim and can knock the open jumper down when needed.

Joe Johnson has found his stroke as of late but he seems to be missing that confidence he had when he played in Phoenix or Atlanta. It’s good to be known as a good jump shooter but you have to expand your game when you get older. Brook Lopez has put All-Star numbers again this season but he is still lacking in the rebounding department and that will continue to hurt the Nets until Lopez figures out how to use his size and skill and grab the ball.

It seems like the players all get along. But behind closed doors, no one really knows. Maybe Williams blames Garnett and Lopez for the Nets weak interior defense. Maybe Lopez and Garnett blame Williams for not being able to defend a point guard. Whatever the problem seems to be with this team, it will not get any better if “Chemistry Issues” is the only response we get when asked why the Nets are struggling. To be honest with you, there are no chemistry problems in sports. You make the pass, they shoot the ball, and it’s either a miss or not. There is nothing chemistry related about that. The Nets just suck right now and they are out of excuses. Maybe if they have this meeting they can put their heads together and think of a few more.

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