Why Is Chris Andersen’s Credibility Starting To Be Called Into Question?

By Jared Doyle
Steve Mitchell- USA Today Sports

Now that we are nine games into the season, player’s season averages are starting to take form. This can be positive and negative in a multitude of ways, but you always hope more for the positive. Chris Andersen is a shining example of how one specific statistic can overshadow a whole collective body of work.

Recently, Andersen has been a turnover machine. Averaging just 0.6 turnovers last season with the Miami Heat, the Birdman has now doubled his turnover ratio, averaging more than 1.2 a game. With the Heat’s defense not as efficient as it’s been in year’s past (just recently cracked the top 20 in the league in defensive efficiency), the alarming jump in turnovers might be a cause for concern, especially since it is the highest amount of his career, but it shouldn’t be.

Andersen is averaging 17.4 minutes per game this season, which is three more than last’s year run with the defending champs. On top of that, his averages are all higher than what he brought to the table last year for the Heat. Birdman, in the 17.4 minutes per game, is averaging 6.6 points, 4.5 rebounds and 1.0  block. Outside of the turnovers, these numbers are promising signs for Andersen, who has provided a huge spark plug for the bench unit since his signing last January.

The Heat should be pleased in the production they are getting from Andersen, and the high amount of turnovers should eventually subside. If not, the Heat can always fall back on the talented depth of their championship-winning roster.

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