A Few Big Performances Overlooked as Chicago Bulls defeat Charlotte Bobcats

By danielcarney
Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Bobcats move to one game under .500 as they lose a close one to Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls on Monday night. Charlotte trailed the Bulls by five, going into the second quarter but ended up with the 44-40 lead at halftime.

This was a game closely contested from the start and it seems as though the Cats had many chances to capitalize on the Windy City’s heart and sole. A very mixed up game to say the least. The Bobcats had 10 less rebounds than the Bulls, but they had eight more assists. The Bobcats even had seven less turnover yet they still could not capitalize!

So who is to blame for the five-point loss? Nobody. You cant blame a specific player for a loss, as a team your goal is to work together and if you fail to succeed in one game? You are a team and accept defeat together. That’s exactly what Charlotte will have to deal with after this tough loss to a top team in the east.

Even though the loss was tough to cope with we did see a lot of great things from the Cats bench and starters alike. The team did a great job utilizing only three players off the bench. When you come within five points of one of the best teams in the East? I think you should be just a little happy.

It is no doubt that Gerald Henderson was the MVP for the Bobcats tonight as he was productive in every single statistic. He ended the night with an exceptional stat line including 16 points, eight rebounds and six assists. If he got that triple double, it would be the first one for Charlotte in a long time. Henderson is slowly becoming one of the top players for this rising team. A very balanced stat line like that is always a great sign.

It wasn’t Kemba Walker‘s night as he had a sloppy night on the shooting end. He shot 3-14 and finished with eight points and three assists. What was another great thing I noticed from the Cats tonight? Jeff Taylor.

Taylor proved, against the Bulls, that he could be the most productive member off of the bench as he went for a career high in scoring with 20 points on 9-18 shooting. He also had five rebounds to go along with the great scoring total. Taylor is looked to be the hopeful big scorer off the bench throughout the season for the young team.

The Cats played exceptional defense on All-Star point guard Derrick Rose tonight as he struggled early and often from the field. Rose shot 4-14 from the field including 1-5 from three. Al Jefferson (Yes, the big guy who’s getting paid $41 million to sit out plenty of games with a “sore ankle”) sat out his third consecutive game, but give the Cats credit for playing this well against a team without their starting center there.

The Bobcats next game is against the Brooklyn Nets at 7:00 on Wednesday night at Time Warner Cable Arena

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