Brooklyn Nets and Portland Trail Blazers Have Switched Roles

By Mark Wilson
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

This was the game Brooklyn Nets fans have wanted to see since they defeated the Miami Heat. That was the outlook during the first half at least.

After halftime the Nets went back to being one of the worst teams in the NBA. I understand they were down two of their best players and the Portland Trail Blazers are one of the hottest teams in the league right now, but I am tired of this losing. I keep stressing this is a veteran team, and the more I say this the more they continue to let me down, game after game.

The fight seems to be there for certain players while the others are just gong through the motions. There was a Kevin Garnett sighting in the first half, and then he went back to being the crappy player he has been since the season started. Shaun Livingston turned back the clock to his high school days and put down one of the best dunks in the early season. The rest of the team just produced horrible shooting performances, from Paul Pierce to Andray Blatche. If I’m Joe Johnson and I see that two of the team leaders are not playing my attitude is to take over the scoring for my team and carry that weight on my shoulders.

Since Johnson could not take the pressure (what else is new), Garnett had to step up and take control of the game — at least for the first half. the effort was there, but their trend of faltering in the second half continued. As a team you have to know when a player who has a hot hand gets cold. Once he goes cold then your survival instincts should kick in and pick up the slack. This team is too old to be going through these High School JV growing problems — this is the NBA. I know its too early to call for a coaching change, but there needs to be a shake-up somewhere on this team because they just can’t sit there and think everything is going to work itself out when the team gets healthy. This is a bad team, and I have been trying my best not to type that so far this season. But the truth is the truth and I can’t hide my anger any longer.

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