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Charles Barkley: ‘Black People Don’t Play Beer Pong’

Charles Barkley

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The internet was buzzing last week after a photo of Michael Jordan playing beer pong surfaced. The greatest player in basketball history recently played a game at a Miami hotel with some other guests, but it’s unclear how he fared in the contest.

It’s with that in mind, that TMZ Sports recently posed a beer pong question to Charles Barkley. Here’s what the Round Mound of Rebound had to say on the popular drinking game:

In true Sir Charles fashion, he answered without holding back. I don’t think his generalization that African Americans don’t play beer pong is entirely true, but it’s sure funny when you hear him say it. That’s the thing with Barkley, you may not always agree with him, but his analysis is usually entertaining.

Sir Charles has been threatening to leave TNT for a few years now to take an NBA front office job, but he never seems to get around to it. His current job as an analyst is cake and he really only has to work one day a week until March Madness and playoff time. Selfishly, I’m hoping that he doesn’t leave TV for the NBA’s front office.

Maybe, he’ll pull a Shaquille O’Neal and buy into a team. I could easily see Barkley buying a minority share of one of his former teams and at the same time, he’d probably make a good consultant. I’m not sold that he’d be a good GM or Vice President of Basketball Operations, but you never know.


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