Cleveland Cavaliers Need To Work On Creating Peaceful Locker Room

By kennethbrown
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

People have been wondering why The Cleveland Cavaliers have been one of the worst teams in the NBA this season. So, when Kyrie Irving arrived for Friday’s game with a black eye and a broken nose, it was inevitable that people would jump to conclusions, especially as it was timed alongside Dion Waiters‘ absence.

Dion was out both Friday and Saturday due to illness, but people were quick to connect the two. When asked about these rumors, he replied, “Nobody put their hands on nobody.” It can only be a good thing for Cavaliers fans to hear, as they will not win many games if their two guards are more concerned with fighting than playing.

After a team meeting to sort their problems out, a victory, and a few days off, the Cavaliers will be looking to start a winning streak, or to at least improve their form. Cleveland has many talented players, but they need to build something through hard work and determination. Regardless of the locker room drama, the Cavaliers need to become friends, as well as fellow players, and only then can they start aiming for the NBA playoffs like they’d once hoped.

It was always highly unlikely to have happened, but now, the Cavaliers can move on and put this horrible rumor in the past. Whatever happens now, it’s evident there are issues to sort out. The team now needs to work on winning games and creating a peaceful locker room.

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