Letter to Brooklyn Nets' Billy King

By Mark Wilson

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Many of my friends and family asked me why I chose to be a sports writer in the first place. I always tell them because what you see on TV and the newspapers are not always how a fan really feels. Some have to dumb down there content in order to please their bosses and not embarrass themselves. Me, on the other hand, I want to give you the truth on my feelings when it comes to any sport or a specific player.

When I write, I try to give you the words that we all use when we are sitting in the barbershop, gathered around the TV on Sundays or in the break room with your co-workers. As fans, we have a certain connection and are very passionate about our teams. My goal is to be the voice of the average fan and not hold anything back. This NBA season has been the worst for me so far as a fan and writer for the Brooklyn Nets. I have tried to disguise my frustrations through words and slideshows to deflect how I feel about the Nets, but not anymore.

Here is a letter I decided to write to the Nets GM, Billy King.

Dear Mr. King

My name is Mark Wilson and I am a Brooklyn Nets writer for Rant Sports. I know you probably never heard of me, but I have done several articles on your team and one profile on you (check the related link below) as well. I am writing this letter as a fan and I must say that I am disgusted with the way the team has been playing over the last few weeks. I know in your heart you have to be contemplating standing in front of a moving No. 2 train to distance yourself from the horrible decisions you have made in constructing this team.

I understand we as humans tend to make mistakes and yours are magnified because you are under the spotlight. I’m going to be totally honest with you, I believe if given the chance I can do your job way better than you. I, as well as many others, thought you made a great decision in bringing in Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry from the Boston Celtics. But did it ever occur to you why the crappy Celtics were willing to part with two future Hall of Fame players for Kris Humphries, Gerald Wallace and some picks so fast? You got played.

Garnett is playing depressed basketball like Carmelo Anthony said his wife taste like Honey Nut Cheerios, and his game has been straight trash so far this season. Pierce has been pretty much the same player he was last year, but his skill set is in decline as well. Terry is not the scorer he once was, but compared to other contracts on the roster, $5 million was a bargain.

Why didn’t you throw Joe Johnson in a trade somewhere? He has been a complete bust since coming over from the Atlanta Hawks. I play basketball and have a pretty decent outside and mid-range game, and I promise you if you were to pay me one-third of the $21 million that you are paying that bum, I can knock down a few threes a game. I know you are punching yourself in the head right now for not pulling the trigger on that Dwight Howard for Brook Lopez deal last year. Yes, I know he made the All-Star team last year, but it’s only like three good centers in the Eastern Conference, so he was a shoo-in regardless. They both average about the same amount of points, but Howard is a far better rebounder and defender.

The signing of Jason Kidd is baffling to me and plenty others. The guy has no coaching experience and the only way I figured this contract came to be was sitting in a bar on Atlantic Ave. somewhere. Neither of you look like strong drinkers, so I figured a few Bahama Mamas and you guys thought it would be funny if he gave coaching a try. It’s not your money, right?

This season has been a train wreck and I am so tired of defending your roster choices. Article after article I defend the team and I think it’s time for the Nets to defend me and my fellow Nets writer Mike B. Ruiz by winning some damn games.

                                                                                                             Thank You,

                                                                                                              Mark T. Wilson

Mark Wilson is a Brooklyn Nets writer for RantSports.comFollow him/her on Twitter , “Like” him on Facebook or add him to your network on Google.


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