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5 Reasons Why Hiring Jason Kidd Was a Win for Brooklyn Nets

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5 Reasons Why Hiring Jason Kidd Was a Win for Brooklyn Nets

Anthony Gruppuso- USA TODAY Sports

It's still early in the NBA season, and most certainly in Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd's coaching career, but it hasn't started very well for the former superstar point guard. With a wealth of experience and achievements behind him, many believed that Kidd would become a great NBA coach. However, some believed it was too soon and that the challenge that comes with the Brooklyn Nets would be one too difficult to figure out.

Recently, when asked about their bad form, Nets coach Kidd replied that it was "just bad coaching." With the talented roster he has and his limited coaching experience, it should be just that. The Nets have all of the tools for a successful season, but good things aren't always easy to come by. The form shown by the Miami Heat in recent years has only escalated what teams are expecting from their own season. It isn't too difficult for a talented team to make the playoffs, and from then it's good coaching that will take you the distance.

With Kidd and his assistants Lawrence Frank and John Welch, he should have enough knowledge to turn their form around and help them make the 2014 NBA playoffs. After adding Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to their roster, it's fair to say the Nets were expecting big things this season. All hope is not lost, and as all good coaches are in need of at first, Jason Kidd needs time. Here are five reasons why he will be a win for the Brooklyn Nets in the end.

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5. They Have Star Players Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Deron Williams

Anthony Gruppuso- USA TODAY Sports

This talented trio is enough to make any NBA team good. Once they've clicked together in Brooklyn the Nets are sure to get some better performances from their team.

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4. He Has More Playing Experience Than Most Coaches

Pat Lovell- USA TODAY Sports

Jason Kidd has done it all on the NBA court, so it'd be silly to think he couldn't transfer these skills to the management side of things. It may take time, but that knowledge will pay off and the Nets will reap the rewards.

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3. Everybody Wants to Play in Brooklyn

Joe Camporeale- USA TODAY Sports

Brooklyn is a highly thought destination, and most NBA players want to play in a nice city. That's especially true when the money is there, and Brooklyn is one of the places to be.

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2. There's a Loaded Draft in 2014

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No team, especially Brooklyn, would like to consider rebuilding. Jason Kidd's experience will pay off, and if they have a really bad season then so be it. There's a loaded draft which will see several quality players enter the NBA. Whatever weakness the Nets would like to attempt to fix they might have a shot if their struggles continue.

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1. 2014 Has Amazing Free Agents Like LeBron James

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They tried to get superstar LeBron James before he opted to join Miami, and surely they will try again. Whether the Nets improve this season or not, Jason Kidd will have plenty of money to spend on top caliber free agents like LeBron or Carmelo Anthony. He can really make this team his own if given some time.