Dwight Howard Loses Halfcourt Shooting Contest to Houston Rockets' Mascot

By Andrew Fisher
Dwight Howard
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Dwight Howard isn’t known as one of the better shooting centers in the NBA. This is a guy who has a career free throw shooting percentage of .576. His three point percentage doesn’t even really exist, because he’s only attempted 40 in nine years. So you could imagine that he wouldn’t be the greatest of candidates to take on the Houston Rockets‘ mascot in a halfcourt shooting contest.

Check out this pregame clip from Tuesday night where Howard attempts to take down the mascot in a backwards halfcourt shooting contest:

Maybe, if it was a regular shot from halfcourt, Howard would have stood a chance. But there was no way that mascot was going to lose in a trick shot battle. That’s right up his alley.

While this video was entertaining and it gave us something to laugh at, it’s also an example of why some people hate on Howard. He’s always joking around and seems to have a light-hearted approach to the game of basketball. Based on what we’ve seen so far from the center in his career, it seems like he doesn’t have that ‘killer instinct’ that people talk about.

Maybe Howard can make it to the mountain top with his approach. It’s entirely possible. But I believe he would be best served to pass on pregame shooting contests with mascots and things of that nature. There’s no doubt he’s the most talented big man in the league and now it’s just a matter of how serious he’s going to be about winning his first championship in Houston.


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