Kobe Bryant Unlikely to Return Friday vs. Golden State Warriors

By Ian Meredith
Gary A. Vasquez – USA TODAY Sports

The big news coming out of the Los Angeles Lakers is the fact that Kobe Bryant has been fully cleared for NBA action, but don’t expect him back quite yet. Bryant got in his second full day of practice Wednesday, and all signs are pointing in the right direction since he’s yet to suffer any setbacks. He will return soon, but Friday’s game against the Golden State Warriors, ironically the team Bryant was playing when the injury occurred, is still a little too soon as he’s been ruled out of that game and “at least a couple more,” according to Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni. This puts Wednesday, November 27’s game against the Brooklyn Nets as a very possible return date for the Black Mamba, and it’s going to be fantastic to see Bryant on the court again.

The 5-7 Lakers have looked much better than anticipated to begin the year with strong performances in unexpected places as both Steve Nash and Pau Gasol and been extremely ineffective. The combined ability of the role players along with the steady play of Steve Blake and Jordan Hill have given the Lakers hope for this season. Bryant returning is going to take the pressure to score off the rest of the team allowing the role-playing shooters to find a rhythm and not have to force shots. The Lakers’ full potential is this season will finally be seen, and it’s an exciting time for the Lakers and their fans.

Until Bryant begins to play some regular season games it will be unknown if he is going to need to adapt certain elements of his game since suffering the devastating Achilles injury, but as always the Black Mamba will be up to the task.

Christmas is coming early in Tinseltown this year.

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