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Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Kobe Bryant to Return Before End of November?

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Which November Game Will Kobe Choose to Return?

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Kobe Bryant has been medically cleared for a few days now and continues to practice with the Los Angeles Lakers on a regular basis. Now the waiting process begins. When should Bryant step back out on a basketball court? Kobe has stated a return by the end of November is highly likely. So, let's take a look at the remaining November schedule for the Lakers and see which game makes the most sense for Bryant to make his grand return.

The five teams remaining on the Lakers’ November schedule are the Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings, Washington Wizards, Brooklyn Nets and Detroit Pistons. The first two games are at home while the final three of the month occur on the road. If Bryant wants to return home then expect to see him in one of the first two games mentioned. However, if Kobe wants to wait a bit longer, returning on the road is his only possibility.

Kobe has a history with each of the five teams he can choose to return against, so the choice is currently up to Bryant as to which game he wants to return in. But making a wrong choice isn’t a possibility.

There are storylines galore surrounding the return of Kobe. Regardless of which game Bryant chooses to return for, the world will be watching and waiting for Kobe to step back out on the court. When that happens, expect the Black Mamba to put on a show and make his grand return well worth the wait.

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Friday, November 22 vs. Golden State Warriors

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Bryant's last game was against the Warriors. Could his first game back be against the Warriors as well? It's a home game and on prime-time ESPN. Considering it'll be close to a whole week of practice for Kobe, I originally felt this wouldn't be a terrible time for Bryant to make his return.

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Sunday, November 24 vs. Sacramento Kings

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Once again Bryant could return at home in front of a sold out Lakers' crowd. Kobe has quite the history with the Kings, and former teammate Shaquille O'Neal now owns a portion of the team. Why not return against a hated Lakers' rival and dominate the team now owned by a former rival of his own?

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Tuesday, November 26 at Washington Wizards

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If Bryant doesn't feel comfortable returning right away and wants to take a few extra days, then returning against the Wizards may be a decent option. After all, ESPN ranked Kobe the 25th best player in the league. Guess who was just a few spots ahead of him on said list -- John Wall. Returning to outplay Wall may be one of the many things on Bryant's mind right now.

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Wednesday, November 27 at Brooklyn Nets

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Although the Nets haven't started the season out on the right foot, there are quite a few storylines involving Bryant and the Nets. Head coach Jason Kidd was defeated by Bryant and the Lakers back in the 2001-02 NBA Finals. With a victory over the Nets, Kobe could say he led the Lakers to a victory over Kidd when Jason was a player and a head coach. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett may have moved on from Boston, but both of them have a past with Bryant as well. These three players met twice in three years in the NBA Finals with Pierce and KG winning round one and Bryant winning round two.

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Friday, November 29, Detroit Pistons

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Bryant will likely return before the Lakers get to this point of November. However, if he chooses to wait, Bryant should still hold a grudge with the Pistons for defeating L.A. in the 2002-03 NBA Finals. So a return against Detroit may be far-fetched, but it sure remains a possibility.