Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Pau Gasol to be Reunited with Dwight Howard?

By Michael Pidgeon
Gasol & Asik
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Omer Asik appears to be on the Los Angeles Lakers‘ radar, but there are quite a few roadblocks that may not allow a trade to occur between the Lakers and Houston Rockets.

L.A. isn’t full of trade bait right now so Pau Gasol appears to be the only name floating around at the time being. We’ve all seen how the duo of Gasol and Dwight Howard played for the Lakers last season. Would Houston really want to take a chance on that disastrous duo?

Asik’s contract doesn’t come off the books after this season like Pau’s does. So the Lakers would be responsible for $8+ million for Omer in 2014-15 which would force L.A. to reconsider their plans for this offseason. Is that something the rebuilding Lakers are willing to sacrifice for a player of Asik’s caliber?

The biggest question in all of this is Kobe Bryant. Bryant is scheduled to return to the Lakers’ starting lineup as soon as this month. Would Kobe prefer coming back to a team that has Pau as his Robin or would Bryant be willing to return to a team that doesn’t have a big name star other than himself?

Gasol for Asik doesn’t make sense for either team so the odds of it occurring are likely very slim, but I wouldn’t say the trade is already buried. Omer clearly wants out of Houston because of Howard signing with the Rockets, and Pau’s run in L.A. is on the homestretch of being over. The Lakers would be smart to stay with Pau and dump his salary rather than take on more, and the Rockets would be smart to just avoid the Howard/Gasol combo.

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