Miami Heat Have Slim Chance To Win NBA Finals This Season

By Brian Anderson
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

When the Miami Heat acquired the services of LeBron James and Chris Bosh, everyone knew that an NBA championship would be in the near future for this team. Since joining forces, the Heat have won two championships and are seeking their third this season.

Many thought they fell short last year in game six of the NBA Finals after the San Antonio Spurs gained a late five-point lead with under 30 seconds left to play. Heat fans were already feeling the sting of defeat as they got up and left the arena while time remained on the clock. Their team would fight back in what would be one of the most surprising comebacks in history, earning them their second straight championship.

It’s a new season and Heat fans are excited to see if their team can do what only a few organizations in NBA history have done, by winning three straight NBA titles. Those fans have every right to be hopeful, but the truth is that the Heat’s chances to win the big one again are slim-to-none. The toughest task this season for Miami will be outlasting a bunch of younger and tougher teams throughout the league. It’s evident that the level of competition has been raised after a very active offseason for many teams that were already in contention to win it all.

The Indiana Pacers are one of those team and their looking very good; you could easily make a case for them as the best squad in the NBA. Simply running off of excitement and youth, those Pacers took the Heat to seven games in last year’s Eastern Conference Finals. It’s clear that the Pacers are more than prepared to take down James and the Heat this time around. The Heat haven’t really gotten any better this season; that showed as this team struggled out of the gate this year.

Dwyane Wade‘s health has been a major concern for this team as well. He’s currently sitting out his second straight game tonight. Wade’s focus may be on other things anyway; as reports are surfacing that say Wade has a new television deal in the works with the Fox network. The two are apparently working on a show that’ll focus on Wade’s adventures as a NBA player and father. Wade isn’t expect to actually be a cast member but it’ll be something over  to watch as the season goes on. His focus won’t be solely on basketball and that could be a problem for this Heat team.

The NBA probably hasn’t been this competitive since James entered the league with the Cleveland Cavaliers. We’ve seen some very good teams over the past decade or so, but there wasn’t a balance in power. After a busy offseason, multiple teams have catapulted themselves into title contention. Those teams include the Pacers, Los Angeles Clippers, Golden State Warriors and Brooklyn Nets. Some of these teams are months away from playing at their highest level. It’s a scary thought when you begin to think about the Heat, who will have to beat some of these teams in seven-game series’ if they want to bring home their third consecutive championship.

One thing that’s always constant in Miami is the play of James. He’s shooting above 60 percent from the field this season, which would be a career-high if things continue as they are. Even with James’ heroics, he just simply can’t win it all by himself and the big-three era is seemingly coming to an end as Wade and Bosh become more and more inconsistent.

It’s yet to been seen whether James will stay with the Heat. James could opt-out of his contract after this season and become a free agent; a move that would crush the hopes of fans in Miami. Recent talks of James linking up with David Beckham to bring an MLS team to Miami may be a sign that there won’t be any major offseason decisions made. Other than that, it’s all just speculation. It doesn’t appear that Miami is James’ best bet; not with so many star players joining forces all over the league. The Heat’s best days on the court are behind them, only time will reveal this team’s true destiny but I think I know how this story ends.

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