Mike Woodson is a Dead End for New York Knicks

By Christian Nelson
Mike Woodson
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As the NBA regular season reaches the end of November, New York Basketball is severely struggling, both in Manhattan and Brooklyn. It comes to complete surprise that the Empire City’s Atlantic Division teams are both in such rough shape as of late, mainly because of the quality of personnel on each squad.

But, there are some reasons for the Brooklyn Nets‘ losing record this early in the season. Nearly half of the roster is brand new to the team, and head coach Jason Kidd was only a veteran point guard just last season. Paul Pierce clearly isn’t playing like he once did in front of his long time Boston Celtics fans, and fellow teammate Kevin Garnett is simply getting too old to carry a team like he once could.

However, the Knicks have no apparent reason for the early season mishaps this year. Except for one glaring problem, the head coach.

Mike Woodson, to simply put it, is taking any chance of NBA Finals contention away from the New York Knicks. He has absolutely no leadership and grasp on his players, and his decision making has been “questionable” to say the least.

Woodson was not directly chosen for this job, however, as he was merely the assistant coach to Mike D’Antoni back in 2012. Once D’Antoni resigned from the team in March of that same season, Woodson became the interim head coach, and Knicks owner James Dolan felt that he was a breathe of fresh air for the team, basically because he instated some successful defensive strategy to the team for the first time in the Carmelo Anthony era.

But what Dolan and the Knicks organization forgot about was his coaching credentials, and instead were blinded by the defensive success. Woodson, just a few years ago, was pushed out of his head coaching job for the Atlanta Hawks because of his questionable play calling and leadership in the locker room. And things in New York are no different.

Talent on this roster is unparalleled by any other Knicks team for the last decade, and the current record for the Knicks does not accurately portray the potential that this season once had.

Though center Tyson Chandler‘s injury is a huge loss for the time being, there is still incredible talent at every position that must be properly utilized if the Knicks have any chance of getting out of the Eastern Conference, let alone an NBA Finals bid.

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