New York Knicks' Signing of Chris Smith is Nothing to be Upset About

By Sean McKenney
Chris Smith
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

In the sports world, some things are worth getting upset about. When I find out about a cheating scandal, it makes my blood boil. When I hear about an athlete with poor conduct off the field, it saddens me to know so many people look up to him or her. When the New York Knicks sign a largely ineffective point guard, I don’t really care. And neither should anyone else.

Yet, the signing of Chris Smith seems to be a big issue. So much so, the NBA is allegedly looking into it. I’m not sure if kicking players off of teams based on how bad they are is allowed or not, but if it is, it shouldn’t be. The issue revolves around the fact that Smith is the brother of Knicks star shooting guard J.R. Smith, and that the Knicks are only keeping him on board as a favor to Smith. Brothers playing together on the same team has happened before. Just look to Marcus and Markieff Morris of the Phoenix Suns. The difference is, both of them are solid contributors and difference makers on the team. Smith? No so much.

In fact, one anonymous GM was quoted as calling him “maybe the worst player in the history of the summer league.” Last time I checked, making summer league history isn’t a big deal — even it’s for being awful. The point is, head coach Mike Woodson even came out and said the odds of Smith getting a roster spot were better because his brother is on the team. If it’s that out in the open, why is the media treating this like a scandal.

Finally, Smith is least of the Knicks problems. They have a disgruntled Carmelo Anthony, and injured Tyson Chandler and a shell of Amare Stoudemire taking some big time salary from the books. They can’t play defense and have a jumper-based offense going. Yet suddenly, the issue of whether or not their 15th man deserves to be there or not is a huge issue. Woodson is acting like Smith getting a roster spot isn’t a big deal, because it isn’t a big deal. The proverbial back-broken camel of the Knicks has got an SUV on it, and we’re losing it over the straw that is Chris Smith.

When the Knicks star Smith at point guard, then there is a problem. Until then, they have a less than All-Star former Louisville player sitting on the bench. That is the least of the Knick’s worries.

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