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15 NBA Records That Will Stand the Test of Time

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Looking At The Impact of History On the NBA Today

LeBron James
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Since the game of basketball was founded in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1892 there has always been a link back to the game's history when looking forward. While the founding fathers of the game were honored with the Basketball Hall of Fame being placed in Springfield, the creation of the NBA in 1946 only continued brought odes to the bast to a grander stage.

A great example of this nod to the past has been seeing Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and LeBron James lift the Bill Russell Trophy as NBA Finals MVP, and furthermore the way each player seems to know their place in history.

But while fans would conceivably be content to watch each of these players stake their own spots in the history books and simply marvel, a direct comparison is always wanted. The only way to do this is to directly look at feats of individual teams and players throughout time to make comparisons and then decide who the best players of all time were. Of course, comparing a player from the 1950s to 2013 is not always an apples to apples comparison in terms of actual talent levels, but when put into the various constraints of domination over a specific time period a viable analysis can be made.

Having the history of basketball and the domination of the top players in the history of the game in mind, we have decided we needed to search out and find distinctions that separate the great feats from the immortal ones. With this in mind we searched out for the 15 NBA records that will never be broken, regardless of time period or individual talent.


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15. Mark Eaton - 5.6 Blocks Per Game For One Season

Mark Eaton
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While Mark Eaton is by no means regarded as an all time great of basketball history, he was surely an exceptional force on the defensive end and no more so than during the 1984-85 season. During this year Eaton started all 82 of the games the Utah Jazz played and compiled a league record 5.6 blocks per game. This record stands far and away from the second place total of 4.96 that Manute Bol averaged in 1985-86 and is even more eye popping when one considers the leader in the category in 2012-13 was Serge Ibaka at 3.03 per game. Based on these numbers it seems inconceivable that any player will every break Eaton's record.

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14. Wilt Chamberlain - 55 Rebounds In One Game

Wilt Chamberlain
Image Courtesy of @warriors

On November 24, 1960, Philadelphia Warriors center Wilt Chamberlain had one of the best nights in the history of basketball, picking up a league record 55 rebounds. While Chamberlain was undoubtedly a beast for his time, the fact that no player since 1973 has compiled even 38 rebounds in a single game this record night is made to look like something a robot couldn't even do.

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13. Boston Celtics - 8 Consecutive NBA Titles

Boston Celtics
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From 1958-1966 there was really no need to have an NBA season, as the Boston Celtics won the league title in each season and likely would have continued on their winning streak if not for Red Auerbach quitting as coach in 1966. With Basketball Hall of Famers such as Bill Russell, Sam Jones, and K.C. Jones playing for the team during this run there is no doubting that Auerbach had a relatively easy job, but the feat the Celtics accomplished during this run cannot be underestimated. One must only look at the fact that no other team has ever won more than three NBA Titles in a row to see how special this run was and to also admit that no other franchise will ever win eight titles in a row again.

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12. John Stockton - 15,806 Career Assists

John Stockton
Image Courtesy of @utahjazz

While many people will knock the career of Utah Jazz point guard John Stockton because he never won an NBA Title, absolutely no one can reasonably say a negative word about his statistical achievements. Stockton's most amazing achievement was the 15,086 career assists he compiled over a 19 year career, good for an average of 10.5 assists per game. This is a line that even video game users can't produce, and given the fact that Jason Kidd sits 3,715 career assists behind in second place it is clear that no other human being can match this compilation either.

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11. Rasheed Wallace - 41 Technical Fouls In One Season

NBA Records
Image Courtesy of @si_vault

While certainly one of the most dubious of records, the 41 technical fouls that Rasheed Wallace picked up while playing for the Portland Trail Blazers in the 2000-01 season is still amazing. This was one technical foul for every two games the team played, a rate that would seemingly be impossible to accomplish even if one was trying. With the NBA acquiring a much cleaner image since this time period, it would also seem that league executives would give out a substantial suspension before ever letting a player remotely approach this record.

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10. Jose Calderon - 98.1 Free Throw Percentage For One Season

NBA Records
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The 2008-09 season was a magical one at the free throw line for Jose Calderon, as the guard compiled an amazing 98.1 free throw percentage for the Toronto Raptors, in turn breaking the single season NBA record. While this is certainly not an untouchable record it would require a player to be nearly perfect shooting free throws in order to break it, and league history shows this simply isn't possible. Next up on the all-time list is Calvin Murphy at 95.81 percent in 1980-81, a decent distance behind and evidence that perfection from the free throw line is not as easy as it appears.

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9. Wilt Chamberlain - 50.4 Points Per Game Throughout One Season

Wilt Chamberlain
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A year after compiling a record rebounding night, Wilt Chamberlain had a season of nights to remember on the way to averaging a league record 50.4 points per game. This was Chamberlain's best total by 5.6 points and simply makes one wonder if any teams were truly playing defense against the Hall of Fame center. With the next highest player on the single season points per game list being Michael Jordan at 37.1 points per game in 1986-87, there is absolutely no doubting this record will never change.

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8. A.C. Green - 1192 Consecutive Games Played

NBA Records
Image Courtesy of Top Talent Basketball Camp Facebook

From November 19, 1986 to April 18, 2001, A.C. Green did not take a night off from work, playing in 1192 consecutive NBA games. While some would say this is part of the job, it is quite obvious that playing this long without getting injured, sick or simply taking a day off from fatigue is a thing of miracles. Why this record does not rank alongside that of Cal Ripken, Jr. in the public eye is somewhat of a mystery, but both will definitely live on in the history books for the rest of time.

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7. Chicago Bulls - 72 Wins In One Season

Chicago Bulls
Image Courtesy of @alex_cono

When Michael Jordan returned from a stint in minor league baseball player for his first full season back with the Chicago Bulls in 1995, there was no doubting he would be out for blood. No one could have expected exactly what the two would accomplish though, as they compiled a 72-10 record -- becoming the only team in league history to win 70 or more games -- and started a second three-peat of NBA Titles. While the game of basketball is always going to be star driven, it is difficult to envision any team ever winning 72 games again.

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6. Los Angeles Lakers - 33 Consecutive Wins

Los Angeles Lakers
Image Courtesy of @HoopsArena

In recent years the Los Angeles Lakers' win 33 game win streak in the 1971-72 season has come under threat via the Miami Heat, although they have yet to even crack the 30 game mark. This is because a mixture of injury, fatigue and avoiding one bad game has proven to be impossible, and there is little reason to envision a team could overcome this mix anytime ever again.

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5. Scott Skiles - 30 Assists In One Game

NBA Records
Image Courtesy of @bradyack

Although Scott Skiles had a relatively short NBA career -- he only played in the league ten years -- his 30 assist performance for the Orlando Magic on December 30, 1991 will live on forever. The journeyman point guard was lucky enough to have his team shoot 57 percent from the field on the night and even more fortunate that they did this while taking a staggering 107 shots. While this mixture could go together for a great point guard on any night, the fact that John Stockton, Bob Cousy, and every other amazing point guard in NBA history could not do it points to the fact that compiling 30 assists in one game is nearly impossible.

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4. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - 38,387 Career Points

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Image Courtesy of @si_vault

Not only is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar regarded as one of the best basketball players in NBA history, but he holds one of the most hallowed records in league history with his 38,387 career points. The big man was able to do this by staying remarkably healthy throughout his 20 year career and even more so by averaging 20 points or more in 17 of these seasons. While 16 other players have averaged more points per game than Jabbar throughout their career, none in the past or future will be able to do so for such a prolonged period of time.

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3. Robert Parish - 1611 Career Games

NBA Records
Image Courtesy of @si_vault

In the ultimate test of durability and effectiveness, Hall of Fame center Robert Parish competed in an NBA high 1611 career games. This equates out to 19.64 full seasons without missing a single game and leaves him 279 games ahead of active leader Kevin Garnett. With Garnett likely in his final season, it is difficult to see a current player with any chance of breaking the record. This is one durability record science can not catch up to.

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2. Bill Russell - 11 Career NBA Championships

Bill Russell
Image Courtesy of @TodayInBBall

In a record that is defined by both luck and skill, Boston Celtics Hall of Fame center Bill Russell picked up a league high 11 career NBA Championships as a player, including all eight of the team's record run. Given the fact that no team has won even more than three championships in a row since this time, it is clear that there is legitimately no chance of anyone compiling this record going forward.

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1. Wilt Chamberlain - 100 Points In One Game

Wilt Chamberlain
Image Courtesy of @FoxSports

In what stands as the immortal NBA record, Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in a 169-147 Philadelphia Warriors win over the New York Knicks on March 2, 1962. If this record seems amazing, that's because it is. The closest player to this total in recent times was Kobe Bryant in 2006, and even then it was obvious he had no chance at 100 points. It is clear that of any record in basketball -- and possibly even sports -- there is none more sacred than scoring 100 points in one game, and no player will ever equal or top this feat.