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5 Reasons Why Jordan Hill Will be a Star for Los Angeles Lakers

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Jordan Hill: NBA Star in the Making

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The Los Angeles Lakers are finally getting a taste of what has been a long time coming from their center, Jordan Hill. The 6-10, 235 pounder from South Carolina has taken his flashes of brilliance from the past and concentrated them into a consistent ray of strong play.

As Hill has steadily improved since the beginning of the season, he has earned a role in Head Coach Mike D’Antoni’s starting lineup ever since the Lakers’ game against the New Orleans Pelicans. In that game and the three he started in since, the extra playing time has allowed Hill's statistical averages to rise drastically, showing that his ability has only been limited by playing time and injuries.

Hill missed all but 29 games in the 2012-13 season as a result of a serious hip injury. After months off from basketball and considerable rehabilitation, he has returned to the Purple and Gold’s rotation with a vengeance.

Fans and analysts who have watched Hill over the past few years will not be surprised at his solid play as he has always been an efficient player. Even in limited minutes before he was sidelined last season, Hill regularly scored almost as many points as minutes played and pulled down rebounds at a solid rate.

Now that Hill is starting and not dealing with injury issues, he is blossoming into a potential NBA star. As such, I have broken down the five main reasons why Hill will be a full-fledged star for the Lakers in the 2013-14 NBA season. To start the slideshow, click the “Next” button above.

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Jordan Hill Boosting Los Angeles Lakers in Recent Games

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Double Digit Scoring

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Hill is now averaging 10.4 points per game through the first 12 games of the season and has been much better than that in the most recent match ups. With 24 points in Sunday’s trouncing of the Detroit Pistons, Hill set his career high in points and will not look back. Expect Hill to increase his points average and remaining in the mid teens this year.

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Rebounding has never been an issue for Hill and has, in fact, been the strongest aspect of his game. In his last six games, Hill is averaging 11.67 boards per game which would land him in the Top 5 of NBA rebounders. With extended playing time coming more often, expect Hill’s season average to bring him into the upper echelon. His NBA fifth best 19.3 rebounds per 48 minutes shows that it is only a matter of time before he is recognized as one of the best rebounders in the league.

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Hill not only has great chemistry with his team, but also with fans and the media. His loveable personality and big smile make him a threat to become a future star. He will not struggle with bad press and, as he continues to play well, the media will shine a positive light on him, boosting his image and building his fanbase.

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Los Angeles

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Along a similar line as the previous point, living in Hollywood does not hurt Hill’s chances to become an NBA star. With the spotlight constantly shining down on one of the biggest markets in the country, Hill stands to benefit from all the attention Los Angeles gets from the media. There are players who are consistently solid enough to be legitimate stars but their teams are not marketed well enough to earn them due respect and attention. Hill will most certainly not have this problem and, if he does well, you will hear about it on the news.

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Hustle and Effort

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Hill’s bread and butter is the hustle and effort play. From dump-off dunks to offensive rebounds, Hill is known for being among the ranks of the biggest hustlers in basketball with players like Joakim Noah and Kenneth Faried. The fans love to be wowed by flashy plays, but they also appreciate a guy sprinting the length of the floor or diving to the ground for a loose ball. Hill’s ability to be that effort player, as well as the previously mentioned reasons, will boost his approval ratings to the point of stardom.

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