Chicago Bulls vs. Denver Nuggets Thursday Game Preview, TV Schedule and Betting Lines

By Dave Daniels
Chicago Bulls: Teams Beware, Bulls Are Back
Dennis Wierzbicki – USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bulls tip off tonight against the Denver Nuggets at 10:35 PM EST, and you can bet that I will DVR this one. Here is the TV info on that one, and you can bet that I will check in afterwards and see what Charles Barkley has to say about the games of the day. Absolutely love him.

TV: TNT, DTV: 245

This one is an absolutely even spread so to the winner go the spoils as they said back in the day. I’d probably go with the Bulls in this one despite them being on the road. They are just an amazing regular season team, and it is hard to bet against them especially with such favorable odds. Derrick Rose has looked pretty sharp and when his offensive form settles down my midseason no one will want to play the Bulls; his shooting in particular has impressed me in the early going and when that three point shot becomes reliable his game will expand even more.

Head coach Tom Thibbodeau just runs these guys into the ground and you are almost better off betting on them in the regular season when they are still healthy. By the time the playoffs hit (or at least last year) they just have already used all the gas in the tank. Look for Joakim Noah to work hard defensively in this one and get the Bulls a win.

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