Cleveland Cavaliers Need to Stay Competitive in Each Quarter

By kennethbrown
Eric Mull- USA TODAY Sports

To win basketball games, you have to be competitive. Yes, it’s possible to make miraculous comebacks, or have one game-winning quarter, but the teams that go far each and every season, are the ones that know how to play on both ends of the court, and ultimately stay within touching distance at all times. The Cleveland Cavaliers recently beat the Washington Wizards, but were faced with another game against them on Wednesday, but they found out the hard way just how important hanging in there can be.

The Wizards won 98-91, but the story could of finished differently for the Cavaliers, had it not been for their early quarter woes. The Wizards had a 56-38 lead at the halftime break, but the Cavaliers were able to heavily reduce the deficit, almost coming back to win, but falling short with their seven-point loss.

Mike Brown‘s team want to win ball games, and they’re trying their best, but it’s not enough on the professional level. It’s evident they have quality across their team, but for whatever reason it’s not showing for the full games. At lower levels like college, high-school and street basketball, you may be able to come back and win games like this, and occasionally so in the NBA. What will frustrate the Cavaliers, is that if they’d played at their fourth-quarter level for longer periods, they would of easily won this game.

There’s many changes needed in Cleveland, but first and foremost they need to learn to stay close to teams for the entire game. Teams like the Miami Heat never threat or worry if they’re down by 10 points in the last 10 minutes, because they know they’re a quality NBA team, and one capable of coming back to win. Now the Cavaliers don’t possess that level of quality, but they are a good team with a lot of potential, and one that will win more games, but only if they can keep closer and give themselves less of a mountain to climb each game.

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