Dallas Mavericks Coach Rick Carlisle Impersonates San Antonio Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich

By Elaine J. Dispo

Rick Carlisle pulls a Pop, as in a Gregg Popovich!

Dallas Mavericks head coach Carlisle intentionally impersonated San Antonio Spurs head coach Popovich at an interview during the Mavs’ home game against the Houston Rockets on Wednesday night. This was when Dallas power forward Dirk Nowitzki made more Mavericks magic once again, much to the dismay of Rockets’ double-C – “C” for center and “crybaby” – Dwight Howard.

That’s an NBA Texas team trio/triangle for Dallas to bring a bit of San Antonio mix into its Houston matchup with that mention. Earlier this week, the Spurs and the Rockets led the Mavs in the Southwest Division standings, but now the Mavs sit between the two other Texas teams thanks to its most recent victory to crash the Rockets down to rank in third.

Leave it to the outspoken Carlisle to make yet another valid point, by being on point, just like the Pop.

Just like Carlisle’s Mavericks, Popovich’s Spurs are world class performers and people.

Unlike Carlisle, Popovich tends to be short and straight-forward with the media. As a matter of fact, I have given the Pops props about keeping his answers brief.

The reason why I admire Popovich’s interview skills so much is because he maintains his focus and keeps his “eye on the ball” so to speak. He gives the press no less than the statements that it seeks. As long as he is clear and concise, reporters receive the information that they need in order to provide their readers, listeners and viewers with a balanced perspective. While some journalists still may want more specifics and elaboration, we can always count on Pop not to go off on a tangent and keep his spotlight shine to a minimum.

However, I still am quite shocked and surprised at how Western Conference champs San Antonio released DeJuan Blair, much to the gain of Dallas. Their former Spur is an excellent addition to the Mavs roster, and I still think that starting him at center would benefit the team.

The Mavericks are 6-0 at home and doing extremely well having won all of the games that they have hosted. Looking ahead, the Northwest Division weekend split consists of playing Mavs music vs. the Utah Jazz before taking off to dig more gold against the Denver Nuggets.

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