Dwight Howard: Brilliant Night is Spoiled By Dirk Nowitzki

By Aydin Reyhan
Dwight Howard
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Dwight Howard is finally dominating both ends of the floor on the basketball court like the world knows him for. However, on a night where he started out brilliantly, his amazing stats were overshadowed by the veteran German international Dirk Nowitzki.

The power forward recorded 35 points, seven rebounds and four assists on a night where he truly was the leader of his Dallas Mavericks. Another brilliant performance from the home side was from Dallas newcomer Monta Ellis, who notched 37 points and dished out an impressive eight assists. The Houston Rockets were led by their big center and quietly had a lot of help from Chandler Parsons, whose 21 points and 11 assists weren’t enough to hold onto a lead that they had mostly throughout the game.

This game was also decided due to the fact that it was played on the court in Dallas where the fans are always ready to push their team to the limit. The team had help from virtually everyone on the court and, of course, the coaching from Rick Carlisle, who masterminded the comeback.

Neither point guard Jeremy Lin or Patrick Beverley were able to provide any leadership as ball handlers which was simply unacceptable. That position means that they are in charge of distributing, holding play and at times creating plays for themselves. On that night, neither guy was anywhere near where they should have been. If they do not begin playing at a more consistent rate, any chances at advancing far down the stretch in the postseason can be thrown out the window.

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