Is It Time For Tanking For The Boston Celtics?

By Jared Hughes
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Success might not be likely for the Boston Celtics this season. No Rajon Rondo until further notice, still waiting patiently for Jeff Green, and no one else on the team worth making a case for; time for tanking? The Celtics just might end up in the  Andrew Wiggins sweepstakes. It is still unclear if Rondo wants to remain a Celtic, so whats next for the C’s?  We don’t know if the Celtics are tanking games, but if so, a chance at Wiggins could be a nice gift in return.

If the C’s do get Wiggins, there is no purpose in keeping Green. The Kansas Jayhawks forward has potential to be great, and any team would love to build around him. If he does come to Boston and performs to his potential, he will attract free agents, and the Celtics could become a powerhouse once again.

Is Wiggins worth it though? He is obviously one of the most gifted players in the NCAA, and he would attract media attention through the roof. It’s been reported by many sources that sneaker powerhouse Adidas is ready to offer him a $180 million sneaker contract upon entry of the NBA. We know the hype around him and we’ve seen what he can do. If the Celtics don’t improve this season, and if Rondo does return, this might not be a bad alternative. It all comes down to whether or not Danny Ainge wants to invest the future in a young Wiggins and continue to rebuild, or go into “win now” mode and bring in stars to surround Rondo.

What do I think?

I don’t believe in players until they show continued success past their rookie season. Putting responsibility into a 19-year-old player when you have pieces already there doesn’t make sense in my opinion, but the Celtics’ roster could spiral out of control and could look completely different one or two years from now. Keep Rondo, keep Green and bring in free agents; Wiggins can go else where.

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