Things Could Soon Get Worse For Brooklyn Nets

By Mike B. Ruiz
Sam Sharpe-USA Today Sports

The Brooklyn Nets were supposed to be taking the league by storm 11 games into the 2013-14 NBA season. Instead, they’ve only become a 3-8 walking embarrassment.

The struggles were anticipated for the early going considering all their star power, but endless injuries have only helped transform that hill into Mount Everest. But here’s the most puzzling question for Brooklyn thus far: injuries and the need for chemistry aside, what’s their deal against the Southeast division?

With the exception of the Atlanta Hawks, the Nets have faced off against every team that represents the Southeast. The amount of times they walked off the floor victoriously? One. That win came against the 9-3, two-time defending champion Miami Heat. It was a win that undoubtedly showed the sky-high potential of this Nets group.

But, losses to the Washington Wizards, Orlando Magic and most recently the Charlotte Bobcats are as frustrating as it gets considering that they’re only a combined 14-20 on the young season. Had the Nets just won two of those games, things would not seem anywhere nearly as bleak. But unfortunately for them, those games are already in the history books.

What’s yet to be written are the games that Brooklyn will play within its own division. If significant improvement doesn’t come soon, the worst will be yet to come once they begin meeting their rivals in the Atlantic. There may be no winning teams in the division currently, but that doesn’t change the fact that those matchups are always the most difficult, no matter which sport you’re talking about.

If the Nets want to turn their season around, they better do it prior to the start of divisional competition, or things might become too ugly to fix.

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