Al Jefferson Needs To Put Up Big Numbers If He Wants Fans' Support

By danielcarney
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

It is without question that Al Jefferson‘s start with the Charlotte Bobcats has been a rocky one to most fans. People of the Charlotte fan base started to get visually angry before their biggest addition of the summer returned last night against the Phoenix Suns.

Jefferson has played in only three of the Cats 13 total games this season, and that has led to many fans questioning if they really can trust this guy to be a star for their favorite team. When your paid $41 million in an offseason, it is telling you that the team wants a lot out of you, and Bobcats fans aren’t going to be behind Jefferson if he can’t prove that he was worth the money.

Sure, people in Charlotte don’t hate him! That would be ridiculous! But do they have the right to be concerned about one of their top players? Of course they do. Some feel as though, if Jefferson was there, Charlotte would easily have a winning record, and I truly can’t disagree with that statement. It is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Charlotte needs Jefferson, and they need him to see his dominating presence on the court.

At this very moment, I wouldn’t say the fans of the Cats’ franchise are completely behind him, as they seem to be a little ticked off with the time he has already missed with his ankle injury. Big Al has already missed 12 percent of the Bobcats’ games this season (10 total), and if he misses anymore than he already has, things might get ugly in Charlotte.

Its no doubt that Charlotte needs him, for he is hopeful to become one of the top contributors for the team, and the fans won’t be impressed until they see him in superstar form. We have seen only one standout game from the big name center this season, and that was against the Boston Celtics where he put up an astounding 22-and-11 performance. Will we be seeing more performances like this from the biggest piece of the Bobcats off season? The fans want it and the team needs it, and people wont be 100 percent behind him until they see the consistent, dominating, and true Al Jefferson.

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