Brooklyn Nets Will Be There at End of Season

By Mark Wilson

Greg Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets are a mess of a basketball team and the crazy thing is they probably will still not only make the playoffs, but will win the Atlantic Division.

The Philadelphia 76ers will not win many games with their inexperienced roster and their great start will soon come crashing down. The Toronto Raptors are playing good ball right now but they are destined for failure as always. The Boston Celtics have been impressive so far but they cannot hold this up for the duration of the season. The New York Knicks might be the Nets’ only competition for the division crown but they have many issues they are dealing with internally. There is no real competition for the Nets except for them to dodge the injury bug and father time as well.

The Minnesota Timberwolves proved that the Nets are nowhere near where they want to be or should be in terms of a powerhouse team. With Deron Williams, Brook Lopez, Jason Terry and Andrei Kirilenko sidelined with various injuries this team has not found their niche. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce cannot carry a team alone anymore and the help is not there yet. Jason Kidd is not to blame for the poor start because he is not coaching with a fully stacked and healthy roster.

The Nets are feeling what the Timberwolves have felt for the past two years with injuries to the star players. I know Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio had to be laughing and saying, “You guys might be in store for a long season.” I’m not saying that the current players have not been playing hard, but  only so much can be done when asking career backups to play starter minutes and produce All-Star numbers.

Kidd has to find a suitable lineup to compete every night and there is no solution for this team. Garnett cannot give you what he use to a few years ago and Pierce only has so much left himself. Shaun Livingston is playing great basketball right now but he is better served coming off the bench. Joe Johnson does not look comfortable with this unit since the season started and he needs to find some sort of rhythm because he is their best perimeter player.

The issue with the Nets is not that they are a bad team, but they are just dealing with too many injuries at once. Normally teams will have one star player go down but he Nets have had their two best players plus their best reserve out for a long stretch. When everyone is healthy and this team finds some sort of unity the division will be theirs for the taking.

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