Charlotte Bobcats: Where is Ben Gordon?

By danielcarney
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Where is Ben Gordon? A question that has rarely been asked by fans all around the NBA so far this season. After a mediocre first season with the Charlotte Bobcats, big things were expected from the former Chicago Bulls star, but nine total minutes this season hasn’t showed anyone just a tad of improvement so far in the 2013-14 season.

That’s right, you heard it correctly! The Bobcats have seen Gordon on the floor for nine total minutes this season. No, he has not been injured, no, he has not been suspended, and no, he is not sitting out games on purpose or asking not to play in games. He just simply has not been given the chance to perform on the court this season — an idea that is making many Charlotte fans wonder why indeed that is the case.

Out of the 624 minutes of basketball Charlotte has played this season, Gordon, as I said before, has only played in nine 0f them. He has barely played in 1 percent of the Bobcats; total time this season. But why is that the case? It is a question that many people still cant answer, including myself.

Why is the man that was supposed to be a bounce back player this season keeping on his warmup uniform during every game? Why is he only seeing time on the bench? Nobody truly knows the reason why Gordon has been an outcast so far through the improving Bobcats season.

In just one game this season, he had four points, one assist, and one rebound. If you were to look at Gordon’s game logs today, you would see 10 c0nsecutive DNP’s in a raw, and that is what strikes me about his performance so far this season. He hasn’t had one chance to show that he can be a factor for this young Cats team.

Why is he not seeing any action? Once again, injury isn’t even a factor, so what is the real reason? Is Steve Clifford playing a factor in this ordeal? Now, you may notice that I’m asking you a lot of question, because that is simply the whole theme behind this non-publicized story — question.

If we all can recall last season where Gordon was having a little controversy with former Bobcats head coach Mike Dunlap. It was being seen often that Dunlap wasn’t giving many minutes to his veterans, and one man that was feeling that way was, of course, Gordon. So, is it deja vu all over again?

It really looks to be the case, as he is being paid millions to simply do nothing. Since he is a free agent this offseason, will he be switching places anytime soon? That remains a mystery. He is clearly being overpaid, in my opinion (about $13 million), but does he want to leave to get paid a significant less amount of money?

As Gordon sits more and more games out and fans get more and more concerned and angered, the question still remains in many people’s minds. Where is Ben Gordon?

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