Chicago Bulls Rumors: Derrick Rose Tears Other ACL?

By Michael Pidgeon
Derrick Rose
Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

During the Chicago Bulls‘ game with the Portland Trail Blazers last night, Bulls point guard Derrick Rose left the game with a right knee injury. Derrick just returned from a torn left ACL, and Chicago fears Rose may have torn his right ACL this time. Will Derrick ever return to his All-Star level after this latest setback?

Rose took his sweet time returning from his left ACL, and I believe Derrick is yet to feel like his old self. Now if it is true and Rose has suffered yet another torn ACL, this time to his right knee, the All-Star point guard may never be the same again.

It’s hard enough to return from one torn ACL, but now Derrick may have his back up against the wall with this latest injury. Rose has all the talent in the world at such a young age and had the city of Chicago excited about a guard for the first time since Michael Jordan retired from the game of basketball, but the All-Star’s career may be a shell of its former self once Rose recovers from this setback.

With nothing being official, the Bulls and their fans can still hold out hope. However, preparing for the worst may be best for the city of Chicago and the entire Bulls’ front office. If Rose is indeed out for a long period of time, the Bulls must have a back-up plan regarding their future as a team because without Rose, there will be no NBA championship in Chicago anytime soon.

As a fan of the game I am pulling for Derrick to return to the level he was capable of playing before his injuries, but as a realist I realize that isn’t likely to happen. Rose will get the medical help needed to return to the court, but for the time being everyone in Chicago will continue to hold their breath.

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