Jason Kidd Fortunate To Keep Job With Brooklyn Nets After 30-Point Loss

By Mike B. Ruiz
Kim Klement-USA Today Sports

Jason Kidd should feel blessed to keep his job after that train wreck.

Things could not have gone any more miserably for his Brooklyn Nets on Friday night as they received a good old fashioned beatdown at the hands of the Minnesota Timberwolves, 111-81.

Granted, Brooklyn was short four players, two of which included the all-important Deron Williams and Brook Lopez. But the part in the script where that automatically translates into a 30-point slaughtering is nonexistent, and the Nets now find themselves at a morbid 3-9.

But that’s been the Nets’ season up to this point. The script was shredded ages ago. And although the pieces remain lying on the floor and still leave the potential of being taped back together before it’s too late, losses like these make that seem like a very slim possibility.

For Kidd’s sake, things must turn around immediately or he’s going to be unemployed before Christmas or even Thanksgiving at that. I’ve gone on the record saying that this rough start isn’t completely his fault, but getting routed Friday night by a 7-6 team after already having lost the previous three games might have shed light on the worst possible scenario.

These players have thrown in the towel, and they see no end to the gloom that’s blindsided them going back to the first game in Cleveland.

No one would’ve been surprised if they woke up Saturday morning and read the words “Brooklyn Nets fire coach Jason Kidd.”

Fortunately for Kidd that didn’t happen, and he lives to fight another day.

Mike B. Ruiz is a Brooklyn Nets writer for RantSports.com. Follow him on Twitter @mikebruiz and “Like” him on Facebook.

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