Will Derrick Rose Suffering A Torn Meniscus Change His Playing Style and Career?

By Pavle Kisin-Rajlic
Derrick Rose
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Although a torn meniscus is still a pretty significant injury, one in the same region as the crucial ligaments whose damage usually spells the end of a season for an athlete, one can’t but feel like they received good news in regards to the future of Derrick Rose.

After an entire season lost due to the ACL tear in his left knee, it was safe to say that witnessing the tearing of the identical ligament in his right knee would’ve been catastrophic. Sure, with his return from the first injury after strenuous months of rehab and preparation, we were shown a Rose that looked much the same as the player we last saw on an NBA court in late April of 2011.

With that, even the worst case scenario would’ve had a lot of optimism surrounding it since we knew two crucial things: it was not to the same knee, and we’ve already seen the man battle the adversity that comes with it and succeed.

Now, with the meniscus injury that has Rose slated to miss an indefinite period of time, new questions begin to open up about the Chicago Bulls‘ superstar. First of all, most fans would like to know what kind of recovery timetable he has as it’s essential to his team’s title chances.

After that, the next question surrounds the recent stretch of injuries to the Bulls’ point guard. Is it bad luck, or has his body started to break down on him prematurely, something no one wants to see after the promising young careers of players like Brandon Roy, Greg Oden and others were derailed in much the same way?

Personally, I’d bring up a different question: will we ever see the same Rose again?

By that, I don’t simply mean if we’ll see the dynamic slashing point guard whose athleticism nearly put Goran Dragic on a milk carton. Instead, I truly worry if we’ll see the same reckless style of play that defined his greatness and made him a superstar once he returns in the not too distant future.

In order to play the style of basketball that Rose became famous for, one needs a lot of heart and a lot of courage to do so. Furthermore, to take the kind of punishment that come along with that style of play, something that we’ve seen players like Allen Iverson and Dwyane Wade become famous for, one has to truly have a lot of luck in regards to avoiding the kind of devastating injuries that seem to not want to leave Rose alone.

It’s easy to do something until one finally pays for it. If a player was never knocked on their back at some point during a game during a dribble drive, they would keep doing it. If that player never sustained so much as a bruise, they wouldn’t give their actions a second thought. That said, once those things start to happen, that’s when one truly has to decide whether they are ready to keep putting up with those bumps and bruises.

For Rose, that question is fast approaching as a crossroads to his career.

We’ve seen players like Vince Carter suffer enough nagging injuries that it resulted in the tendency to avoid situations where they might reoccur, and it really changed the scope of his career. Sure, he produced at the same level, but you just didn’t get that same feeling of watching someone that could be unstoppable at times anymore.

It changed his career from one that had whispers of Michael Jordan attached to it to one that will now struggle to get into the Hall of Fame without a popularity vote.

With Rose, that decision is drawing nearer and nearer each minute that ticks by. Will he remain the same player? Will we ever see the same Rose in the United Center? All we can do is wait and see.

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