Brooklyn Nets: Time for Joe Johnson to Earn His Paycheck

By Mark Wilson

Greg Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Should he go left or go right? Should he pull up or go to the hole? Should he take the mid-range shot or step back for the three-pointer? Should he go for that loose ball, play defense, box out for the rebound or pull his teammates together for an on-court meeting?

These are the decisions that Joe Johnson has to make in order for the Brooklyn Nets to get their season rolling in the right direction. With the injuries to Deron Williams and Brook Lopez, someone needs to step up and take a leadership role for this team. Normally you would look to past champions like Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce but they are fighting through their own difficult season.

Johnson has a longer tenure on this team and he is not a rookie to the ups and downs of an NBA season. He knows what it’s like to play for a team with high expectations. He has been one of the leagues best scorers in his career but has never been that player to lead a team deep in the playoffs. His career has been defined not by his per game averages but mostly by his contract.

Johnson has never been an all-around type of player; he is mainly a screen jump-shooter with a quick release. The Nets now need his leadership and his shot to help guide them out of the black hole they have put themselves in. To see a player with his ability average only 13 points should be a slap in the face for him. The time is now for those huge contract players like Johnson to step and show us why they were given that money in the first place.

Will Johnson be able to lead the Nets out of this loosing streak that they are in? The only person with the answer to that question is Johnson himself.

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