Can the Brooklyn Nets get a Mulligan for this Season?

By Mark Wilson
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The injury bug continues to make the Brooklyn Nets look like the worst team in the NBA. The Detroit Pistons handed the Nets their fifth-straight loss, sending them to a 3-10 record on the season.

I know the record does not show what this team is fully capable of because of the injuries, but excuses don’t excuse and explanations don’t truly explain. The remaining players are still highly-paid professional athletes and need to perform as such. The Nets still can send out three good players in Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Joe Johnson to do the heavy lifting, but lately they have been playing like rookies instead seasoned vets.

Johnson decided to put his big boy pants on today and play like he is being paid. Too bad no one else followed his lead. Garnett continues to play like he is throwing the season away, while Pierce has to be frustrated with the losing. If he wanted to have this type of season, he would have stayed with the Boston Celtics and their rebuilding process.

Finger-pointing and name-calling will not fix the issues the Nets have both on and off the court. The say time heals all wounds, but by the time the Nets’ wounds are healed, their egos will have suffered a crushing blow as they will become the laughingstock of the league.

Deron Williams and Brook Lopez have to heal from injuries, but how long can they sit back and watch as their team falls deeper and deeper into the 2014 NBA lottery abyss?

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