Chris Kaman Ineffective with Los Angeles Lakers

By Ian Meredith
Chris Kaman Lakers
Jerome Miron – USA Today Sports Images

Hindsight is 20/20. The Los Angeles Lakers clearly shouldn’t have signed Chris “Caveman” Kaman this offseason. With Dwight Howard on his way out of town, the Lakers were clearly going to need a replacement at center or power forward, which led to the signing of Kaman.

Besides a few preseason games, he has been largely ineffective since coming to the team. He’s only playing on average 17 minutes a game and putting up a measly eight points and five rebounds a game on those minutes. Kaman is also now missing time with a “sore back”, making him even more of an afterthought to the Lakers’ success.

Yet, the Lakers are still paying him $3.2 million this year to keep the bench warm for players like Jordan Hill, who is in the beginning steps of a true breakout year. Kaman has bounced around in recent years from the Dallas Mavericks to the New Orleans Pelicans, and had an eight-year tenure with the Los Angeles Clippers before that.

He’s 31-years old, and his 10-year tenure in the NBA has only produced two decent seasons, both with the Clippers where he averaged over 15 points a game with double-digit rebounds.

The coveted big man market in free agency is usually a small one, and this was no different last offseason. However, it is becoming quite clear that Kaman is unlikely to be an effective part of this team at any point this season. When healthy, Kaman will still get his minutes off the pine to provide a rest for Lakers’ starting center Pau Gasol, but that will be the upside of his tenure with the Lakers unless a miracle happens and he turns his game around.

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