DeMarcus Cousins' Snub Only Provides Los Angeles Clippers' Chris Paul With Extra Motivation

By christopherbrown
Paul Kings
Kelvin Kuo USA TODAY Sports

Let’s get this straight: the Sacramento Kings lost a close game at the Staple Center to the Los Angeles Clippers, prompting promising young point guard Isaiah Thomas towards center court to exchange NBA pleasantries with Clippers point guard Chris Paul, only to have his whole body snatched in the opposite direction by teammate and Kings center, DeMarcus Cousins?

We’re approaching week four in the NBA regular season — hardly rivalry week. If you came out of a coma two months from now, the playoffs would still be four months away; and even then, it’ll be the Kings’ record at the end of the season — not the Clippers — standing in the way of their title hopes.

It’s unclear why Paul was made to walk the length of the court with a handful of air. Cousin’s has had an array of squabbles since he entered the league in as the Kings’ no. 5 pick in the 2010 NBA Draft. Cousin’s was seen by GMs as raw, talented and a migraine. The Kings soon found that waiting for a 19-year old to mature can painfully teeth grinding.

Sitting back and watching while an entitled teenage millionaire goes through growing pains is financially suicidal, and even more nerve-wracking.

Telling Thomas to leave Paul hanging is not the end of the world, nor would it fall under the same list of insults as the other Isaiah Thomas when he refused to shake the hand of another former perennial All-Star and title hopeful. It simply gives Paul another reason to rip your heart out, Sacramento.

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