The Emergence of Boston Celtics' Jordan Crawford

By Michael LeDuc
Jordan Crawford
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

If someone were to tell me that the Boston Celtics would have five wins at this point of the season with Jordan Crawford as their point guard, I would have told you you’re crazy and that the Celtics were, instead, tanking their way to a lottery pick. That is not exactly the case. Of course, 5-10 is by no means a record to be excited about. But with Jordan Crawford taking most of the point guard duties, that’s much better than I expected. If it weren’t for the play of Crawford, the Celtics would be looking at a 2-13 record at the bottom of the Eastern conference. Instead, they are at 5-10 record with a chance for the playoffs. For further use, “Green Teamers” will be known as the Celtics fans who want to win as many games as possible, while the “tankers” are the Celtics fans that want to obtain a high lottery pick and lose games through any way possible. Anyway, the “Green Teamers” love the play of Jordan Crawford this season, and the “tankers” are blaming Crawford for ruining the entire season.

In last night’s game, Crawford went only 3-for-9 with 12 points. His unselfish play led him to dish out 10 assists in the 94-87 win over the Atlanta Hawks. Plus, he had a plus-minus of +24. This has been becoming a habit this season. In the past, Crawford was known for his uncanny shot selection. This year, he’s been the facilitator in Rajon Rondo’s absence. In all five wins, Crawford has averaged 6.6 assists in each contest. He’s been shooting less and more efficiently. He has become the opposite of what he once was — a team player. This type of play has been effective for the Celtics so far. “Green Teamers” look at Crawford as an important part of the team going forward, while “tankers” are viewing Crawford as a solid trading asset. Make of it however you want.

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