Who Is Cleveland Cavaliers' Surprise Star Matthew Dellavedova?

By kennethbrown
Brendan Maloney – USA TODAY Sports

During the preseason, many Cleveland Cavaliers fans were guessing which player would be their star of the season, or which would propel them back in to the NBA playoffs. Their dreams and hopes haven’t gone to plan with their dreadful start, but there has been one surprise — the emergence of Australian international player Matthew Dellavedova.

The back up shooting guard was invited to play for the Cavaliers in the 2013 NBA Summer League, but after impressing, he earned a contract for the regular season. Dellavedova hasn’t hit superstar statistics yet, but he has been very impressive in his limited appearances, so much so that he has recently been getting some starts ahead of Dion Waiters. Perhaps coming in to the fresh scenario Mike Brown brings has helped him, whereas other players remember other coaches and their styles, and perhaps it’s too fresh for them to instantly adapt.

At 23 years old, Dellavedova has a lot of time to work on his basketball abilities, but he appears to have emerged out of nowhere, and has been a spark for the struggling Cavaliers on their rare enjoyable moments. It’s not quite clear how the Cavaliers can improve and start competing and winning games again, but he could be just what the team needs, an unexpected threat that opposing teams no little to nothing about.

The Cavaliers are in need of help, and Dellavedova appears ready to step up and take the challenge to heart. How far can he go, and can he become a regular starter for the Cavaliers, or another team in the NBA?

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