Are Chicago Bulls Perfect Trade Partner For Evan Turner And Philadelphia 76ers?

By Ryan Wenzell
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bulls suffered some devastating news today. Their star point guard Derrick Rose will miss the rest of the season after requiring surgery on a torn meniscus. Frankly, as Rose goes so do the Bulls since they don’t have any pure scorer or play maker to replace him internally.

That’s where Evan Turner and the Philadelphia 76ers come into play. Turner is 11th in the league in scoring averaging a shade over 21.5 points per game right now. He is capable of playing point with his solid play making skills and is a solid defender. He has also shown great ability this season to get to the cup and draw contact, and he is getting to the free throw line at a high clip.

Not too mention he is a Chicago native and still only 25 years old to boot. This makes sense for both clubs. The Sixers are in rebuilding mode and need all the assets they can get, namely in the form of draft picks. The Bulls are in desperate need of a scorer and athletic play maker which perfectly describes Turner.

It would not surprise me in the least to see this deal go down in the near future. If the Bulls wait until the trade deadline to make a move they risk being too far down in the standings for a trade to make a difference.

The Bulls simply need to act now before the ship sinks even further. Turner would also love a fresh start in the city he knows all too well.

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