Chicago Bulls Can’t Compete with Derrick Rose’s Season Over

By Michael Terrill
Chicago Bulls Can’t Compete with Derrick Rose’s Season Over
Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that a superstar is necessary in order for a team to be successful in the NBA. More importantly, that superstar has to be healthy and remain on the court on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, the Chicago Bulls championship dreams died when it was announced that star guard Derrick Rose’s season is over after he suffered another knee injury.

The fact is the Bulls will not be able to compete without Rose in the lineup. The biggest reason for that is because Chicago was banking on Rose being around this season. The roster was built around him, as is the case with most superstars. Without his presence, the Bulls may have a difficult time claiming a solid playoff seed in the rather weak Eastern Conference because the roster isn’t nearly as talented as it was a season ago.

With that being said, Chicago is confident they will still be competitive, even without Rose on the court.

“…we can’t feel sorry for ourselves. We’re the Chicago Bulls. We have one goal, that’s to win. And I believe we have the personnel in that locker room to get it done,” Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau said, according to ESPN.

As much as the Bulls need to believe they can still hang with the best out of them without their best player, the reality is it’s easier said than done. Rose is a difference maker, but his injury is a massive curveball that the organization didn’t expect. What makes matters even worse is that Rose’s ability to play a high-level in the future is a major concern, which means Chicago’s dream of winning a championship may be nothing more than a dream.

Like everyone else, I hope Rose all the best as he goes through the rehabilitation process all over again. However, I don’t see how the Bulls survive his injury a second time around.

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