Derrick Rose: Heart and Soul of Chicago Bulls Torn Apart

By Aydin Reyhan
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of postseasons ago, Chicago Bulls‘ star point guard Derrick Rose blew out his left knee and was out for the remainder of that year. He then missed the entirety of last season. Now, with the season barely in full swing, he has suffered another season-ending injury, this time to his good (right) knee.

If the Bulls did not want one thing to occur, it was certainly this. Now, the Bulls need to realize that they may be going absolutely nowhere anytime soon. They will no longer be considered anywhere near title favorites because they will not be able to sign anyone as explosive as the brilliant Chicago native. Be that as it may, this does not mean that they can’t still go far with a change or two.

There is another player in the NBA that can handle the ball but plays as a shooting guard, and he is currently averaging roughly 22 points this season as a top-10 scorer. Who is this mystery man? Evan Turner of the Philadelphia 76ers.

The kid was also born and raised in Chicago. For him to return home while playing the game he loves to try and save that city’s basketball season would simply be epic. This is something the Bulls could absolutely make happen with the right moves. With or without Turner though, the team will not be making the Eastern Conference finals. They lost their biggest piece to the puzzle, and he can never be replaced, even when he returns next season.

After hurting both knees, he may never come back as explosive as he was before. If that is the case for Rose, there is a long road ahead.

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