Kyrie Irving Can Save Cleveland Cavaliers' Season

By kennethbrown
Derick E. Hingle- USA TODAY Sports

Whether you’re an average, good or amazing NBA team, it always helps to have a superstar-caliber player that can perform well and be of great help when you’re in good form.

But, it can also be beneficial during the dark times, too. Although the Cleveland Cavaliers are trying to build a team capable of challenging, they may have to focus on star player Kyrie Irving and his explosive talents to bail them out for now.

Although it’s never a good idea to focus on the ability of one man above the team, sometimes it’s required. During LeBron James‘ Cavaliers career, he was often the only reason why they won games. He could have involved others, but it was evident that coach Mike Brown trusted LeBron and only him to get the job done. It didn’t get them a championship, but it won them games.

Kyrie isn’t at LeBron’s level of ability, but he can win games. Too often, the Cavaliers are trying to have five or six players in double-digits, but many currently on their roster struggle to do this on a consistent basis. For now, the Cavaliers would be wise to let Kyrie dominate games, while the others help to contribute. Also, the rest of the team can develop and settle into Brown’s system while Kyrie does what he does best — score on a regular basis.

It’s early, but the Cavaliers are struggling and need to find a way to win. The method doesn’t matter. Once they’re winning, the rest will fall in to place; or in the worst-case scenario, they may take home one of the 2014’s hottest draft prospects.

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