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15 NBA Players Suffering From Early-Season Slumps

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NBA Early Season Slumps

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The NBA season is in full swing and there are certain teams and players that have stood out from the rest. We know that LeBron James and Kevin Durant are very good. We know that Paul George and Stephen Curry are the future of the league. The Indiana Pacers and San Antonio Spurs are quite good. The New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets are just an atrocity to the great city they play in.

With every season of basketball there will always be expectations that are not met. Some have to do with injury while others have more to do with ineffectiveness. Either way, the world expected a lot more than they have been giving us. There is still plenty of season for all of them to turn it around, but as of now they look pretty terrible.

This list isn't necessarily going to point out all the completely awful players. This list isn't to point out that Doron Lamb is not having a good season. It was obvious that an eleventh man on a bad team was not going to get great minutes. This list is for those with a certain set of expectations that just aren't being met. These players were supposed to be good and just aren't or supposed to be great and are just average.

There may be some players that have the stats that say they have been alright, but more is expected than just stats. Sometimes garbage time makes certain players look good. This list tries to decipher the difference.

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15. Jared Dudley

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Jared Dudley and J.J. Reddick were brought into the Los Angeles Clippers to provide extra scoring. One has done that, but the other has not. In 27 minutes per game Dudley is only adding just over eight points. The Clips want to be a title contender and need everyone playing at all cylinders to be able to take on the top teams in the West.

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14. Raymond Felton

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Carmelo Anthony is the guy who is going to take all the blame for the plight of the Knicks, but it isn't his fault for the most part. Since Tyson Chandler went down he hasn't had any help. Raymond Felton just isn't the same player he was when he was first a Knick. He needs to play much better without Jason Kidd there to take some of the emphasis off of him.

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13. Derrick Williams

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Derrick Williams is used to hearing that he is a disappointment. The former No. 2 overall pick is not the player that he was expected to be. Even with the lowered expectations he still hasn't played well. He has now been traded to the Sacramento Kings. Hopefully the change of scenery can help his career.

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12. Andrew Bogut

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Speaking of disappointing high draft picks, Andrew Bogut has shown signs of life while with the Golden State Warriors. He played well in the playoffs for them which has led many to pick them to be a great team. Bogut has not given them what they were looking for coming into the season. He is only averaging around seven points and nine rebounds. They were hoping for more like the 12 and 11 from the 2010-11 season.

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11. Brandon Jennings

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Brandon Jennings saw his stats go down last year because he was sharing the ball with Monta Ellis. The thought was since he was going to the Detroit Pistons that he would revert back to the high scoring player he was. The reverse has happened. He is passing more, which is nice, but that is also giving him more turnovers. He was brought to Detroit to shoot first.

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10. Steve Nash

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The Los Angeles Lakers really needed their veterans to keep this team together until Kobe Bryant came back. Steve Nash has not done that. When he is actually healthy his numbers look as if they were from a backup. He needs to step up for this team to be alive when Kobe returns.

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9. Tyreke Evans

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Tyreke Evans scored one of the most controversial contracts of the offseason. There seems to be a logjam at the guard position for the New Orleans Pelicans. He is fighting for time with Jrue Holliday and Eric Gordon. You expect a lot more than a little over 10 points per game when you pay a guy $11 million per season.

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8. Anthony Bennett

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The controversial No. 1 overall pick is not looking like a smart pick thus far. It is obviously too early to judge Anthony Bennett, but he has been part of the problem for the Cleveland Cavaliers. On the season, he is averaging two points per game on 21 percent shooting. 21 percent. He might just not be ready to be an NBA player.

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7. Kevin Garnett

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The Nets were a sexy pick to bring down the mighty Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference. That was mainly because of a trade that brought over Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry. You could just as easily put any three of those stars in this slot. Garnett has been decent on the defensive side, but has not given anything of not to the offense. When you average 19 points over your career you can't put up six points per game when you are trying to turn your season around.

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6. Nate Robinson

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Nate Robinson was named a smart signing for the Denver Nuggets in the wake of so much change for them, but he needs to play much better to continue that thought process. He has not been what he was last season with the Chicago Bulls. He is only averaging about seven points and two assists per game, and they need more out of him in a great Western Conference.

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5. J.R. Smith

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J.R. Smith is going to bring headlines to your team. Whether he is getting secret surgery or driving around in a tank, he is easy to talk about. Unfortunately, it seems last year was the last time you will talk about how well he is playing. Last year is looking more like a fluke than a coming out.

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4. Jarrett Jack

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Jarrett Jack was being sold as the biggest steal of the offseason for the Cavaliers. Maybe he was just fairly valued. He is averaging much less in points, rebounds and assists from last season yet he is turning the ball over more. He was supposed to take the pressure off of Kyrie Irving, but he is only making it higher.

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3. Derrick Rose

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Maybe it isn't fair to put a guy on this list when he is missing the rest of the season, but the NBA world waited around 15 months to see the former MVP of the league play out of his mind once again. The Bulls were picked by many to beat the Heat on their way to a title. Now with Derrick Rose gone that dream is over. Even when he played he was scoring around five to six points less than usual, and it is a shame to see what is happening to this kid.

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2. Larry Sanders

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

I personally thought this kid was going to break out into one of the league's best centers. Larry Sanders was going to be the man on the Milwaukee Bucks for the first time since the team was his. Now, all he is breaking is down. 2.7 points? That is just a joke.

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1. Deron Williams

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Deron Williams has been trying to regain that magic that made him one of the most coveted assets in the NBA. He isn't even spoken about in the top five point guards in the NBA. Players like Kyrie Irving and John Wall have blown by him already. He just might not be the same player, but if he is he needs it to come out now.