Brooklyn Nets Need To Rely On Youth

By Aydin Reyhan
Brooklyn Nets
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets have been struggling as of late due to the lack of Deron Williams, Brook Lopez and Jason Terry, who all play a different part in every game. Williams is the point guard, which means that he runs the show, while Lopez rules the scoring in the paint in the offensive end. Terry is a veteran who can shoot the three ball or the quick jumper to keep his team in the game at all costs. Without these guys, it’s a bit tough to run out a solid team night after night.

The players that are left in the starting lineup are Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. All three of these guys play with a tremendous amount of talent and will to win, but their age is starting to catch up with them as they are all in their 30s. These guys can literally make or break games with game-winners or errors on either end of the court.

Brooklyn has a decent amount of talent in Shawn Livingston who is now running the point with Allen Anderson, who can play at either the no. 2 or no. 3 and is a smart player on both ends of the ball. These two guys are trustworthy as long as they are healthy and remain consistent.

In addition to these two, rookie center Mason Plumlee had a brilliant game against the Los Angeles Clippers as he recorded 19 points and grabbed six boards. He is a hungry player who can easily be the future of Brooklyn a few years down the road when Lopez is no longer needed.

The biggest problem with the organization is the fact that the recently retired Jason Kidd was hired to be their coach. He has had no coaching experience prior to this appointment, which is why management seems to be nothing short of a stupid joke. He was a great player and will be a good coach one day, but he should have been hired as an assistant and nothing more for the next couple of seasons.

The squad at hand, with or without injuries, is good enough to take the seventh or eighth seed or eight in the playoff race. If they had an experienced coach, this would be a reality instead of mere hopeful expectation. It will be interesting to see where the Nets go if they keep on losing games that they could easily be winning. If the ship is not righted soon, everyone, including GM Billy King, could be in trouble.

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