Can a Trade Save Cleveland Cavaliers' Season?

By kennethbrown
Craig Mitchelldyer- USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers are struggling and remain one of the worst teams in the NBA. They’ve tried many things to reignite their season, but here’s why a trade could be just what they need.

When it comes to a beneficial trade, usually both teams will have to give talented players away; so what player would the Cavaliers look to trade? Anderson Varejao is a part of the old regime, and although he’s an important player he has long been seen as one of their best assets to trade away.

Another option may be Dion Waiters. He is not a vital player for the Cavaliers, and rumors suggest that he may be apart of some of the current locker room problems. Waiters has a lot to offer and may prove an appealing player for other NBA teams. He was a prospect the Cavaliers were highly hopeful over, but if it doesn’t work out they will have no fear in trading him, as was suggested in the summer of 2013.

The Cavaliers need a scorer, but that can often be difficult to find via a trade, especially during the season. They’ve been linked with a trade for Portland Trail Blazers‘ star LaMarcus Aldridge for a long while. The talented 28-year-old power forward could be available, and he would prove a superb addition to the struggling franchise.

Although trades are an easy fix on paper, the Cavaliers may struggle to complete one. By getting rid of a possible attitude from the locker room and adding a scorer, could the Cavaliers start to compete once again?

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