LeBron James Returns To Play Hometown Cleveland Cavaliers, But Will He Go Back For Good?

By Ryan Wenzell
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Lebron James returns to his old stomping grounds to face the Cleveland Cavaliers. It is obviously a team that is near and dear to his heart as he resides in Akron, Ohio in the offseason and it’s where he grew up.

In the past James has received a round of boos when returning to Cleveland thanks to his unceremonious exit from the Cavs. That animosity from the outside has seemed to wane and die down a bit as the years have gone on.

James has a good thing going with the Miami Heat; there’s no doubt about it. He and the Heat have won two straight championships and have gone to the Finals three straight times. James is enjoying success he never did in Cleveland thanks in large part to a supporting cast that includes two All-Stars in Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

This begs the question of what will James do in regards to his future? He is a pending free agent in 2014, the Cavaliers now have a budding superstar in Kyrie Irving, and James finishing his career in Cleveland by bringing a championship to his hometown would be a storybook ending.

These are all things James needs to consider, but there are also quite a few negatives. Besides Irving the Cavs roster is not exactly oozing with talent as they have a lot of fringe bench players and no other legitimate All-Stars on the squad. There is also the contentious relationship James has with Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. If you recall when James decided to go to Miami, Gilbert went on a long, slanderous diatribe attacking James’ character.

This would obviously have to be sorted out. Seeing James back in a Cavs uniform would be a treat for basketball fans as the Cavs are a franchise starving for a championship. No doubt James combined with Irving and other stars that James would attract to Cleveland would see the Cavs as a favorite in the East.

This may all be moot if James decides to stay in South Beach, and no one would blame him for that. This is one of the league’s juiciest storylines, though, and will continue to be until James makes his second “decision”.

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