What Propelled The Los Angeles Lakers To Victory Over Brooklyn Nets?

By Michael Pidgeon
Steve Blake
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into the NBA season, the Brooklyn Nets were projected to be one of the best teams in the East, and the Los Angeles Lakers were projected to finish in the bottom portion of the West standings. To this point of the season, those two predictions haven’t been correct, and L.A. defeating the Nets this evening proved that theory incorrect as well.

Early on in the game, the Lakers went on a 18-0 run, and at one point, were up by 27 over the Nets. Brooklyn fought very hard to come back, but just couldn’t grab the lead and ended up on the losing end of this dual with L.A.

The Lakers used three point shooting to bury the Nets early. The likes of Steve Blake, Jordan Farmar, Jodie Meeks and Nick Young make the Lakers’ three point shooting very dangerous each and every game. Unfortunately, each player named is a very streaky shooter, and living or dying by the three isn’t the greatest type of offense to run.

Mike D’Antoni has always been a fan of the three ball, and it seems to be no different in L.A. Tonight, it worked for the Lakers, but that hasn’t been the case all season. After the threes stopped falling for the Lakers, having Pau Gasol on the inside helped L.A. maintain their lead tonight against Brooklyn.

If Gasol wasn’t on top of his game tonight, would the Nets have been able to come all the way back and not just tie the game, but actually leave with the victory? It’s a great possibility. The three ball can be very friendly, but at the same time, it can be very deadly as well. Tonight, threes helped the Lakers get an early lead. However, if I was D’Antoni, I would stop relying so much on the three ball, because L.A. won’t win every time the team decides to hoist up 20+ three pointers.

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