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2014 Decision: 5 Early LeBron James Scenarios

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Where LeBron Could End Up In 2014

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Entering the last month of the year of 2013, superstar LeBron James is in the last year of his required years of his contract with the Miami Heat. The reigning MVP has already won two-straight Finals trophies while competing in three-consecutive championship series.

Rumors have stirred around the league that LeBron may opt-out of his contract to either return to his hometown team, to demand a new contract with his Heat or leave for a big-market organization.

While LeBron’s legacy is wrapping up as one of the greatest of all time, the superstar is contemplating again making a major splash in the NBA world. With a possible “Decision 2014” looming in the coming months, there are many scenarios that could play out to shake the world of sports.

Many would imagine that the former standout from Akron could return to play for his Cavaliers, and bring the promised championship he once told his hometown fans when first drafted in 2003. And others believe that LeBron won’t leave his Miami Heat, strictly because he has a great thing going with his teammates Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, two stars who are helping him win the championships that he once hoped for.

When the 2013-14 season wraps up, LeBron could end up leaving for a big market team that could further his brand, and ultimately make him more money with sponsorships and advertisements like his agent, I’m sure, has been pushing for ever since he decided to test the free agent market following his days as a Cleveland Cavalier.

In this slideshow, we take a look at five possible scenarios for LeBron’s future.

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Cleveland Cavaliers

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One of the most probable destinations for LeBron is his hometown squad in Cleveland. Many analysts believe that with his success in Miami, he has done what he had hoped for in winning championships, and can go back home without the added pressure to winning an NBA Title.

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Miami Heat

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Another probable scenario that could play out for the superstar is staying in Miami with his same core of guys to continue winning at the high level achieved in the past few years.

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New York Knicks

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A team LeBron could be enticed to leave for is the New York Knicks. Pairing with fellow star Carmelo Anthony would be a dynamic duo which would surely put him in position to win more titles. That added with the huge market of New York could be enough to take him out of South Beach.

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Los Angeles Lakers

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The Lakers have the cap room to pay LeBron whatever he wants, while also providing the opportunity to play with arguably the greatest shooting guard to have ever played in the NBA in Kobe Bryant. As another huge market, LeBron could further his brand, while also competing for one of the most prestigious organizations in the history of professional sports.

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Boston Celtics

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The Boston Celtics seem to be a dark horse candidate for LeBron’s services in 2014. While in a rebuilding mode, “The Chosen One” would instantly be the face of the franchise for another big market team that has immense prestige in the NBA.