5 Reasons Why LeBron James Will Not Return to Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014

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Why Leave Paradise?

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The 2014 NBA free agency buzz started during the offseason and has continued to follow the teams and players as 2013 winds down. The headliners for the upcoming free agency class include Carmelo Anthony and each member of the “Big 3.” With the New York Knicks in a downward spiral, it looks like Anthony will be in search of a new home, but for the Miami Heat, everything is smooth sailing at the moment.

LeBron James warned the media before the season started that he would not address 2014 free agency during this season and has stayed true to his word, leaving everyone else an expert as to where “King James” will end up in 2014.

There have been rumors that he will end up in New York or he might set out for the west coast and the Los Angeles Lakers. There is even the rumor that he will return home to the Cleveland Cavaliers, leaving the speculation that the only way he will remain in South Beach is if they win a third-straight championship.

I am here to put one of these rumors to sleep and unfortunately for the city of Cleveland, that rumor is the possible return of James to the Cavs.

Guess What? It is not going to happen. James will not return to his home city to play for his home team and why should he? After all, he gave the city of Cleveland all he could and in return the Cavs owner bad-mouthed him and the city through a huge hissy fit for months.

No one is 100 percent sure where James will end up in 2014, but I am 100 percent sure it won’t be Cleveland and here is why.

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5.) The Cold Weather

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Miami is home to crystal-clear oceans, white-sandy beaches and average temperatures of around 80 degrees. Why would James ever want to leave all of that for the freezing cold temperatures and snow of Cleveland? Sure, there is a hurricane once and a while in South Beach, but the weather there beats the weather in Cleveland any day. Score one for Miami.

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4.) No Business Opportunities

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James is much more than a professional athlete or basketball player; he is a business man. James and his wife both have business ventures in Miami and the league MVP has been toying around with the idea of bringing an MLS franchise to South Florida with David Beckham. What is there in Cleveland besides a long history of horrific sport franchises, rundown streets and snow flurries? Cleveland just can’t offer the business opportunities that places like Miami, New York and L.A. can offer.

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3.) Dan Gilbert

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It seems that the people of Cleveland have forgotten all about James leaving for South Beach and the harsh comments that followed. Who did those harsh comments come from? Oh, that’s right, Dan Gilbert, the Cavaliers' owner himself.

Gilbert accused James of giving up on the Cavs and quitting during the playoffs. He even said that the Cavs would win a championship before James and the Heat do. Obviously, Gilbert is not psychic or professional. Had Gilbert not burned that bridge, there may have been a small chance of James returning to his home city, but Gilbert squashed that in 2010 with all of his small-minded comments.

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2.) Mike Brown

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James has played for Mike Brown before and it ended with Brown losing his job and the Cavs losing their star player. Does the city of Cleveland and Gilbert think that Brown is an enticing coaching figure for James? I hope not. There is no way James would go and play for Brown after playing for Erik Spoelstra and the great Pat Riley. Riley and Spoelstra have proven they can win and bring in championships; Brown has only proven he can get fired.

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1.) It's Miami!

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Three-peat or no three-peat, I think it is going to be tough to lure James away from Miami. Between his family, business interests and relationship he has built with the organization and city, Cleveland has no chance at James leaving South Beach.

Don’t forget the great landscape, nice weather and beautiful women that Miami has to offer. Add some championship rings with a fat contract and James remains with the Heat beyond 2014.

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